Now it’s Official: Tanker Contract Reopened

August 7, 2008

KC-45 refuelling B2 (rendering)

EADS/Northrop Grumman Tanker refuells a B2 (rendering).
Source: Wikimedia

It’s official now the Pentagon reopened the bidding process for the Air Force tanker contract. The 35 billion US$ (~22 billion €) contract was awarded to EADS/Northrop Grumman but the decision was now revoked after the Government Accountability Office had complained about the process. The new bidding process will start in October.

You should now that EADS/Northrop Grumman want to sell the Airbus A330 to the Air Force. A well tested plane. Already chosen by Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the UK as their tanker. Boeing has nothing at the moment. They want to build something on the base of the Boeing 767. But you know how these projects end: The costs will increase and the delivery will be delayed.

And the argument that this will outsource labour from the US is not true either because the planes would be build by Northrop Grumman in the US.

This only shows that the Pentagon does not care to buy good or useful weapons. It just about giving their pals in the industry a lot of money.

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