War in Georgia.

August 8, 2008

This Post seems to attract a lot of Google searchers. Since it is pretty old. Here is a newer list of links and facts about the War in Georgia you might find more interesting.

Georgian elite soldiers storming a hill in South Ossetia

Georgian elite soldiers storming a hill in South Ossetia
Source: Wikimedia

Yesterday I already wrote about the clashes between South Ossetian separatists and Georgian troops. But today it seems to be the start of a new War in the Region.

Georgia is mobilising its troops and claims to have surrounded the capital of South Ossetia Tshakinvali. Russia – supporting the South Ossetian separatists – bombed targets in Georgia as retaliation.

The South Ossetian conflict is one of those post-Soviet conflicts. All those small new countries were annexed by Russia in the early 19th century. After and during the collapse of the Soviet union the Soviets weren’t powerful enough to hold on to their territories and a lot of former independent countries declared independence. In some way the Georgians ended up with South Ossetia while North Ossetia remained in Russia. But there is another region in Georgia claiming independence: Abkhazia. During the early 1990s both regions started small guerilla wars and Abkhazia gained de-facto independence from Georgia. What followed was ethnical cleansing and Georgians left Abkhazia and South Ossetia and South Ossetians fled from the constant shelling into North Ossetia (100,000 of 130,000 South Ossetians). It is note worthy that a lot of South Ossetians have Russian Passports.

Russia supports Abkhazia and South Ossetia. They have a "peacekeeping force" installed in the regions. The US and the NATO supports Georgia and Georgia is even due to become a NATO member. The region is of vital importance since it is a route for oil pipelines. That’s why the US is involved in that region. Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia are really poor regions. And "tribalism" is the only escape from their boring and stale lives.

There is a new Wikipeda article about the war.

Update: A news video from Russia Today (note that Russia supports South Ossetia! They are pretty much one sided!). There is even a newer one on the Russia Today Youtube site. But I don’t know how to embed it.

Update 2: Sergej Mironowitsch Schamba the Abkhazia foreign minister threatened to open another front from Abkhazia in support of South Ossetia.

Update 3: Georgia claims to control majority of South Ossetia after the offensive last night. But there are reports that Russian troops are pouring over the boarder in support of South Ossetia. Meanwhile the Georgians also claim that they shot down a Russian air plane. Georgian troops are holding a three-hour ceasefire to let civilians flee the fighting in the capital.

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