War in Georgia Slowly Comes to a (temporary) Halt

August 14, 2008

After declaring a cease-fire in the war in Georgia two days ago the Russian troops seem to finally pull back. Yesterday they still advanced towards Tiblisi but stopped for the night. A Georgian counter move was also pulled back.

The Russians destroyed weapons and military installations in Georgia including sinking several Ships in the military harbour in Poti. The Georgians claim, that these ships were non military Coast Guard Ships.

Now after the fighting is over the US is taking its first steps. They send Condi Rize and a C-17 Globemaster carrying supplies to Georgia and Bush ordered the US Navy to provide aid. A joint exercise by NATO and Russia in the Sea of Japan was also cancelled.

Russia claims that 74 Russian troops and about 2,000 civilians in South Ossetia died during the fighting.

Some pictures of the war from the Russian/South Ossetian side. The web site is in Russian so I can’t understand it.

But now after the cease-fire we will probably get some more information about the war. E.g. about the "black soldiers" claimed to be found by the Russians, the rumours about an Israeli tank killer weapon and even why the Georgians provoked the Russians into a war.

Update: Oh I forgot to set a title. Important is the "(temporary)". Even if the Russians and irregulars move out of Georgia and the EU installs a peacekeeping force it will only be temporary. As one reporter puts it “the Caucasus is an ethnical mosaic” and until they are all rich enough to don’t care they’ll always fight and die for their valley or town not belonging in the same country as the neighbouring town.

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