War Nerd Islamablog: Day 2.

This is a start of a small series of articles covering the blast.

"Here’s the deal: I’m going to blog this Islamabad blast every day for a while, try to talk honestly about how to sift through the crap to try to figure out what’s really going on."

Yesterday he started the series.


New War Nerd Article.

Al Jazeera reports that three leaders of "Al Qaida" were killed in Pakistan by an air strike on Monday. A drone allegedly fired a rocket on a compound and thus killed 25 people including the leaders. Several people were wounded including the sister-in-law of Jallaluddin Haqqani, a Taliban leader. The attacked compound is next to a Madras found by Haqqani. He was the defence minister of the Taliban during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.

Three days ago a new president was "elected" in Pakistan after the former president Musharraf was forced to resign. A few days earlier the US conducted a ground attack inside Pakistan.

US troops conducted a ground attack inside Pakistan‘s region South Waziristan. This is a new step in the war against the Taliban. While the Taliban uses the tribal areas in Pakistan as a safe heaven to support their fight against the NATO forces in Afghanistan. The Pakistani army failed in several attempts to dislocate them (But you should note that the Taliban has very good connections to the Pakistani intelligence and military services). The US uses Drones to attack and observe Taliban movements in the area. But a ground attack is a new step.

There are reports of 15 dead Pakistanis. The incident probably will increase Anti-US feelings in Pakistan since this is a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. There are rumours that similar actions could follow. From a military standpoint attacking the tribal areas is a necessary step. But it might result in a further escalation of the war and could even further destabilises the Pakistan government.

Update: There is a Wikipedia article about the raid.

Pakistan’s Gun Markets

August 6, 2008

As I said in my Article about the Afghan Army to be equipped with M16s the tribal areas in Pakistan have a big weapon industry consisting of small workshops with kids building weapons with their bare hands. (Just imagine all those child labour protesters going to some shack in Pakistan complaining to a bearded Pushtun about his work policies).

I found this video on youtube: In this documentary a reporter goes into the tribal areas – which is a pretty dangerous thing if you know what they do to reporters and foreigners they don’t like – and takes a look at a weapon bazaar in a Pakistani town. The guys running the market and the workshops are Pashtuns as the Taliban in Afghanistan. His travel guide notes that "The people of this area believe, 'Many sons and a lot of guns.'" The perfect ingredients for War.

Funny that the deaf and dumb guy actually fakes the Chinese: "Made As China". So does anybody wonders why they were able to defeat so many great Armies?