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The Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports that the Ukraine is shutting down a radar station formerly used by Russia. The Russians decided to cease use of the facility because the station is "operationally obsolete". Kiev complained about the move and made comments that it might use the radar station in the "interest of EU countries". Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union and gained independence in 1990 after the Union collapsed. As a result a lot of Russian military installations are based on Ukraine soil including the famous black sea fleet which was recently deployed in the war in Georgia. Ukraine currently wants to join the EU and the NATO and the relations with Russia are bad since the pro-Russian government was forced to resign in 2004.

Al Jazeera reports that three leaders of "Al Qaida" were killed in Pakistan by an air strike on Monday. A drone allegedly fired a rocket on a compound and thus killed 25 people including the leaders. Several people were wounded including the sister-in-law of Jallaluddin Haqqani, a Taliban leader. The attacked compound is next to a Madras found by Haqqani. He was the defence minister of the Taliban during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.

Three days ago a new president was "elected" in Pakistan after the former president Musharraf was forced to resign. A few days earlier the US conducted a ground attack inside Pakistan.