The British Telegraph reports that a bad translation of the cease-fire document in the war between Georgia and Russia prolonged the conflict. After the cease-fire was signed the Russians did not left Georgia as demanded by the agreement according to Georgia and the EU. The Russians created so called "buffer zones" around Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

The Telegraph now writes that the ceasefire – brokered by France – was written in French than translated into English and finally into Russian. Such an act can of course slightly change the meaning of the document. And the Georgians signed the English version and the Russians the Russian version. According to the Telegraph the meaning of the English version saying "security in Abkhazia and South Ossetia" was changed to "security for Abkhazia and South Ossetia". The later could be interpreted as the Russians did: By occupying Georgian territory.


Here is a precise timeline of the war in Georgia. It contains pretty interesting information, e.g. a list of ambassadors meeting with Georgian representatives in the days before outbreak of the war.

Update: Cryptome has a list of military equipment purchased and used by Georgia.

Update 2: I made a more detailed list of links and facts about the War in Georgia/South Ossetia.

The war between Georgia and Russia continues. After Russia pushed beyond the disputed region of South Ossetia yesterday. The offensive continues.

Russia conquered the City of Senaki which holds the largest military base of Georgia. The troops came from Abkhazia. But the Russians said, that they left Senaki after destroying the base. In the mean time the Russians closed in on the Georgian City of Gori which was a major build up point for the Georgian offensive against South Ossetia and already heavily bombarded by Russian air strikes. The Georgian troops are falling back to defend the capital. But Russia denies to have entered Gori. Since Gori is a key point in connecting Georgia’s west with Georgia’s east the country is cut in half. Georgian troops fled from Gori to defend the capital Tiblisi which is only 40 miles away.

I think its interesting that the Georgians try to avoid fighting inside the Cities. But urban combat is a way to compensate for the Russian advantage in heavy weapons. Fighting on open ground is a death sentence if you face an enemy with so many tanks and planes.

Russia claims that the US flew 800 Georgian troops from Iraq back to Georgia. Georgia had 2000 troops in Iraq to support the US occupation. After the US and Britain it was the third largest contingent in Iraq.

RussiaToday – citing the Israeli Newspaper Maariv – writes that the US is renting russian-made cargo planes from UTI Worldwide Inc. to transport weapons intended for US troops in Iraq to Georgia.

There are unconfirmed news that the Russians could sink two Georgian ships. The Ukraine wants to limit the use of Russian warships. The Russian black fleet is stationed in Ukraine.