While the number of troops in Afghanistan increases George W. Bush announced to withdraw 8,000 troops (a Marine battalion) from Iraq due to the "increase in security".

I guess the real "action" in Iraq will start after the US has withdrawn (at least the majority of their troops). At the moment most major players seem to wait for the fight about control of Iraq and its territories that will break out as soon as the current government can’t rely on the US troops to protect it. And most major parties in the civil war are actually getting backing from the US. The government clan, the Sunni militias and so on. Most of them fought (or fight) the US troops in the early years of the conflict. But I guess they found out that it is useless to fight against the US. Sure they can inflict heavy casualties and maybe speed up the withdrawal. But on the other hand they can’t cease the official power, yet and they lose a lot of troops, weapons and money which they could use against their real rivals.

So at the moment most fractions in Iraq are about getting and securing their influence and stock piling weapons, supplies and money.

Update: AlJazeera reports that the US wants to deploy 4,500 additional soldiers to Afghanistan. So at the end 3,500 troops will return "home".