Location of Mauritania.
Source: Wikimedia

There seems to be yet another Coup in Mauritania. Mauritania is one of these fucked up countries where coups are the normal way of changing the government. The last coup was in 2005.

And this is yet another classic coup. First the State TV went of the air and than there were troops moving in the capital. The former commander of the Presidential guard took over according to AlJazeera. I wonder how long he’ll last. At the moment the Coup is bloodless and my guess is that it’ll stay that way – ok maybe they’ll kill the ex-President – but probably the population of Mauritania is not interested enough in those things anymore to fight for one site or the other.

Gary "War Nerd" Brecher wrote an article on Mauritania’s way of changing the government in 2005 when the last coup happened.

Update: There are Protests in Mauritania both for and against the Coup. So maybe they do care or at least some of them.