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A convoy of French soldiers was ambushed 50 km east of Kabul. The battle lasted for 24 hours and left 10 French soldiers dead and 21 wounded. The ISAF HQ in Kabul was attacked by rockets but they missed. An attack on a NATO base – called Camp Salerno – in Khost by six suicide bombers was repelled. On Monday nine Afghans died when a suicide bomber attacked t he gate of the same base.

These are all signs of the increase in Taliban activities in Afghanistan. The number of dangerous areas increases and even Kabul is now surrounded by unfriendly territories. The main highway connecting Kandahar and Kabul was a major project of the US after the Taliban were pushed back in 2001. But now heavy attacks on the road increase and it is impossible to drive along without protection. The Afghan Army has to occupy former Soviet positions along the road to protect the road.

The NATO troops are getting more and more tense. Firing as soon as they fear an attack. Which is another big success for the Taliban. The NATO troops are more and more alienating themselves. Every new dangerous area on the map is another success for the Taliban. Because it means that they conquered the "hearts and minds" of the local people or the local governor/warlord. The NATO troops seem to be weak they drive by by day but by night the Talibs rule the streets. While the NATO comes by day and gives presents and tries sweet talk the Talibs come by night and chop of the hands of every suspected traitor. These are your options as a peasant.

Here is a BBC video about the situation on the Kabul-Kandahar-Highway. (It can’t be embedded).

Btw. the last major Soviet operation in Afghanistan was an operation to free the highway to Khost.

The South Ossetian situation seems to be a disaster for Georgia. Russia seems to use this war as a pretext to not only force the Georgians out of South Ossetia but even to enter Georgian territory outside of the disputed regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Abkhazian Separatists use the situation and try to free the Kodori gorge. One of the last parts of Abkhazia hold by Georgian troops. Georgian troops have pulled back from South Ossetia to organise the defences of Georgia. But they still seem to hold parts of the South Ossetian de-facto capital Taskhinvalli.

Russia already attacked the important pipeline running through Georgia. But they did not destroy it (its still not operable because of an attack by Kurds in Turkey). But Russia also blocks the Black Sea access of Georgia. The Oil export via Georgia was halted. The vital position for exporting Caucasian Oil is one of the main factors why the west even bothers about the conflict. The US tries to use diplomatic power against Russia. But this is of course a useless step.

Officially Russia is not at war with Georgia and so the Navy blockade is "Navy Blockade"

I think this is actually a big big failure for the US and NATO. Because they simply do nothing except for watching Georgian Forces being smashed by the Russians. This is an example for other countries. Georgia is too far away and NATO is too weak and to busy with Afghanistan. (Which is another disgrace for the US/NATO). btw. Russia is claiming that they captured some US mercenaries helping the Georgians.

But one thing is pretty interesting. The Russians were able to deploy more than 10,000 Soldiers over the boarder in two days. This is no easy task and needs planing. Even if you have plans for such a situation it needs time to get your logistics intact.