Actually the title is pretty stupid since there is of course fighting going on despite a ceasefire signed in 2003. The MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) – fighting the government of the Philippines for an independent Muslim Moro nation – of course claims the fighting was done by a renegade commander.

But now the MILF warns the government not to start an all-out-offensive or they’ll be ready again to fight.


Here is a precise timeline of the war in Georgia. It contains pretty interesting information, e.g. a list of ambassadors meeting with Georgian representatives in the days before outbreak of the war.

Update: Cryptome has a list of military equipment purchased and used by Georgia.

Update 2: I made a more detailed list of links and facts about the War in Georgia/South Ossetia.

Both sides claim that the other side conducted "Ethnical Cleaning" of occupied territory. And probably both sides tell the truth.

The South Ossetians claim that the Georgians destroyed a water canal to flood the cellars in Tskhinvalli so that the citizens couldn’t take cover in them from the immense shelling in the first days of the conflict. The Georgians claim that behind the Russian troops Kossacks, Ossetians etc. followed and started looting and burning Georgian villages not only in South Ossetia but even in "undisputed" territory.

And that’s probably true. One reporter said "the Caucasus is an ethnical mosaic". And that brings it to the point. During the last 200 years (and before) the towns mixed and nobody really cared because they all were "Russians". So there were towns of Georgians in South Ossetia and vice-versa. The pictures of people shearing to Georgian troops moving into South Ossetia were not faked. Because Tskhinvalli has a mixed population and is surrounded by mostly Georgian villages. South Ossetia is supposed to have a 30% Georgian population and probably even more since it is hard to conduct an objective census. Each side wants to downplay the number of the other.

And as long as the people in the Caucasus are poor and have no work the people want to fight and die for their little towns and valleys. If you have nothing nationalism or rather townism or valleyism are the last thing you can hang onto. If you look at the problem: There is always fighting going on in this regions in August and may be September. That has simple reasons. First of all the snow and mud from the winter and spring is away. So you can move around without freezing off your ass or get stuck in mud. And it is the time when there isn’t much to do in farming. There are a lot of people without anything to do and due to the lack of all the modern equipment that entertains us in the western world and for the sheer fun of it all those young guys grab their AKs and head out to fight a little bit.

Each shootout ends in somebody wanting revenge. It’s an endless circle that feeds those conflicts. Not only in the Caucasus but everywhere in the world.

And than there are the Westerners thinking that you could solve those conflicts by drawing new borders and let everybody vote on were they want to be. This of course does not work in those regions because there are no ethnical borders! For example if South Ossetia is going to be independent or even a part of Russia than there will be the exact same conflict just with the opposite direction. The Georgian villages won’t stand to be separated from Georgia and keep on fighting. And if South Ossetia gets their independence than may be the North Ossetians want to be independent from Russia. Just because the Ossetians are kissing the ass of the Russians at the moment does not mean that in the next moments they’ll try to kick them. And alliance in such a mess doesn’t count. Its just the benefit they want.

There actually were some votes in South Ossetia about independence. But they were of course conducted in the way votes are conducted in these areas (even in our "democratic" pal Georgia it happens this way!): You just deny your opponents the ability to vote. In 2006 the South Ossetians votes with more than 90% for an independence. But this of course simply means shit.

And that’s were "Ethnical Cleaning" comes into play. If you want to pacify such an area you simply need to straiten out the ethnical borders (or even create them). You simply can’t have peace if the people living next to each other only wait for a good time to kill each other.

After declaring a cease-fire in the war in Georgia two days ago the Russian troops seem to finally pull back. Yesterday they still advanced towards Tiblisi but stopped for the night. A Georgian counter move was also pulled back.

The Russians destroyed weapons and military installations in Georgia including sinking several Ships in the military harbour in Poti. The Georgians claim, that these ships were non military Coast Guard Ships.

Now after the fighting is over the US is taking its first steps. They send Condi Rize and a C-17 Globemaster carrying supplies to Georgia and Bush ordered the US Navy to provide aid. A joint exercise by NATO and Russia in the Sea of Japan was also cancelled.

Russia claims that 74 Russian troops and about 2,000 civilians in South Ossetia died during the fighting.

Some pictures of the war from the Russian/South Ossetian side. The web site is in Russian so I can’t understand it.

But now after the cease-fire we will probably get some more information about the war. E.g. about the "black soldiers" claimed to be found by the Russians, the rumours about an Israeli tank killer weapon and even why the Georgians provoked the Russians into a war.

Update: Oh I forgot to set a title. Important is the "(temporary)". Even if the Russians and irregulars move out of Georgia and the EU installs a peacekeeping force it will only be temporary. As one reporter puts it “the Caucasus is an ethnical mosaic” and until they are all rich enough to don’t care they’ll always fight and die for their valley or town not belonging in the same country as the neighbouring town.

Map showing the situation in Georgia on the Morning of August 12th

Map showing the situation in Georgia on the Morning of August 12th
Source: Information Dissemination, cc license

Russian troops seem to close in on the Georgian capital of Tiblisi. Moscow denies such a move. But they also deny conquering Gori because their troops do not enter the city. So may be they learned a lesson or two from the Chechen War. But there are rumours that the Russian toll is quite high and that Georgia is using a fancy new Israeli anti-tank weapon with great success. But of course unless this weapon has a kill ratio of 100 tanks/hour it can’t really stop the Russian invasion.

The separatists in Abkhazia are attacking Georgian forces in the Kodori Gorge. The Kodori Gorge is the last territory held by Georgia after the war with Abkhazia in the early 1990s.

I already linked to it yesterday as a source. But here is the Google Blogspot Blog of the Georgian Newsagency They were so heavily attacked by Russian crackers that they are using Blogspot. But Danger Room has a good write up on the "cyber-war".

Fighting between government troops and the Muslim guerilla movement MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) started on the Philippines after the Muslim guerilla refused to leave land of Catholics. The group of Muslim guerilla is headed by a former MILF commander but he is not following orders from the MILF leadership anymore. The MILF is one of several Muslim guerillas on the Philippines. It fights for an independent Moro nation on the Philippines since the 1980s after it split from the MNLF which was formed in the 1960s.

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