The Sri Lankan civil war has its 25 years anniversary and fighting still continues. The Sri Lankan Army started a new offensive in January and made some progress. The Army now claims to have captured the town of Mallavi which lies on a strategic important main road. The de-facto capital of the Tamil Eelam Kilinochchi is now "surrounded". The Sri Lankan Defence Ministry said that it wants to capture city before the end of the year.

The Tamil Tigers are a very versatile Guerilla group. In some way they are a little bit like a real army. They have their own Navy and even a tiny Airforce. But they are also very good at fighting Guerilla wars with suicide bombers and stuff. So when the Sri Lankan Army takes Kilinochchi this by far doesn’t mean that the Sri Lankan civil war will end after 25 years. It probably just means that we just have to face a 50s anniversary (and so on).

In 1998 the Sri Lankan Army already tried to capture Kilinochchi but failed.


The Sri Lankan Army claims to close in on Tamil Tigers in the North of Sri Lanka. The Tamil Tigers fight for 25 years to gain an independent Tamil state in Sri Lanka. Last week the Sri Lankan Army claimed to have entered the de-facto capital of the Tamil Tigers.

Gary "War Nerd" Brecher has two articles about the Tamil Tigers: I, II. But the old Exile web page seems to be down. There is of course an article on Wikipedia, too.